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The Aston Shuffle feat. Elizabeth Rose – “Back & Forth” (Official Video)

Here is a lovely infectious dance record that bypasses the usual cliches that riddles EDM at the momnent. Back & Forth is a bouncy tune that has lots of lovely synth blips and sounds and actually sounds brilliant sonically. We’ve had it on repeat at the Myhotmusic HQ!

So who are the Aston Shuffle? Well it’s not a dance made by Aston Villa fans who have only just begun to have something to dance about as they pull away from the relegation zone. In fact Aston Shuffle are Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman and they hail from Australia. They are joined by another antipodean, Elizabeth Rose , and the trio have conspired to produce one of the best dance records in a decade.

Elia Esparza – Starlight

We found a pretty amazing singer who has a contemporary sound but without the homogeneous inflections so loved by many of today’s young singers. This means she still has a genuine honesty in her emotions and sounds as original as God intended her to be. ELia is from NYC and is of Mexican-American background.

She’s just released her EP which you can find on Spotify and all the usual online stores. Check this young lady out right now! Go on do it!

The New Model – A brand new feature from My Hot Music

We’ve decided to bring to you a series of fantastic videos that can help you as an indie artist to get off your butt and create brand new records. We are going to try and cover every aspect of the new music industry from recording, production, a&r and promotion. This is a very exciting time to be recording and releasing music.

But a lot of young artists just do not know the wealth of material out there that will set you free and stop you from spending ridiculous amounts of money on recording or production and also stop you from mimicking every fashionable sound out there because guess what? You won’t get signed if you’re not unique or if you don’t already have a bazillion Facebook fans, millions of Youtube views and merchandise flying out the door. So to kick us off, let’s start from the absolute beginning. Graham Cochrane from Recording Revolution has shared a fantastic video about starting your own recording studio for $300.


Kicking off with the infectious single “Word Is Out”, Kylie’s 4th studio album “Let’s Get To It”, her least successful one commercially, will go down as one of her most ambitious albums ever. Subsequent albums have played it safe in terms of sticking to disco-pop blandness, but “Let’s Get To It” takes on a more soulful r&b vibe, even with its House tracks, and includes a surprise duet with soul great Alexander O’Neal. Stand out tracks for us are the title track “Let’s Get To It”, “Word is Out”, “Live And Learn” and “If You Were Here With Me Now”. You can stream the album on Spotify and enjoy one of Kylie’s best works.


As we say goodbye to summer here in Melbourne, the nights are beginning to be long and cold, I stumbled upon this lovely and warm video by a band called Destroyer. The song is called Kaputt and was shortlisted for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize award. The band is fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar and was formed in the early 1990s. They are set to release a new album later this year but in the meantime put your dancing shoes on and enjoy Kaputt

Petite Meller – Baby Love

French singer Petite Meller describes her music as Nuvo Jazzy Pop. Her single “Baby Love” is a welcome release after weeks of depression caused by horrible world events. This record is brilliant and a Record of the Year contender! She’s pretty cool too and definitely one to watch in 2015. Share it with everyone, because she will be huge!

If you’re an independent artist, or aspiring pop star, you have to get this book right now!!!

If you are interested in making music, you want to be a pop star and have not got the foggiest idea what to do or how to take your music to the next level, I strongly advise you take a look at this fascinating book by Russell C Brennan. It is jam packed with lots of tips and advice and I have to say that I could not put it down when I got it, resulting in a very late night and bleary eyse in the morning. Russell has been there and done it so is not a typical music biz expert pontificating at indie artists but he has been an artist (still is), ran a label, been a manager so knows what he is talking about. However, it’s his style that does it for me. This book is written in everyday, down to earth English and though it is UK centric, it is still relevant for those outside the UK. Check it out now (click the link below)

Majid Jordan – Forever

Canadian duo Majid Jordan featured in Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and are going from strength to strength with their EP “A Place Like This”.
One thing we love about this EP is it’s sparse arrangement and synth pop feel to it which at times reminds us of Wham and Culture Club. The vocals are very good, which is what you’d expect from and R&B act but the choice of sounds and instruments is particularly brilliant.
listen and share the playlist below.