Pet Shop Boys “Being Boring” Live

Could you ever imagine this on any of the “Idol”, “Ex-Factor” Karaoke auditions ? I could easily see mssrs Dicko and Cowell showing Neil Tennnent the door. Anyway, enough of that. On another point, one of the reasons why today’s dance music sucks is because musicians have abandoned it in droves. Instead it’s down to DJs to produce it and they have no idea of melody or lyrics. Maybe they should stick to making the records and not playing them. Perhaps they should learn from this performance and the song it self. Early 90’s dance music rules.

Native “Love Ain’t No Holiday”.

Now that today’s r&b/hip-hop is running thin on good songs, we are on a mission to find songs for future acts to cover and at least bring some decent tunes to what is becoming a rather forgettable period in black music. So all you r&b superstars, get your mits on this gem of a track by a relatively unknown American artist. I say relatively unknown because I couldn’t find any information about them on the net. Maybe you can help.

This review was written by MrFuturistic.

The Australian Idol circus rides into town again

The laughter, the tears the humiliation, the big final and the inevitable one hit wonder, has rolled into town. You got it, Australian Idol is back on the telly and with Channel 10 having already pulled the plug on Big Brother, it is only a matter of time that Idol will follow suit.

So far the auditions I have seen have been extremely tired, formulaic and boring. The loss of the only judge with any ounce of wit, personality and style, Mark Holden, has frankly killed it for me. As for Ricki Lee, well a couple of hit albums do not a presenter make.

Poor, poor, poor.

A blast from the past. Friends Again “State of Art”

state of art – FRIENDS AGAIN –

Friends Again were one of Scotland’s finest 80s pop groups. I can remember watching this on TV in Africa and loving it very much. Listening to the beauty of the music makes me wonder what on earth happened to production and engineering trends that tend to squash the life out of records. I wonder what on earth happened to them ? Here is the video for you to enjoy as well.

Myhotmusic Alert – Antigone “More Man Than Man”.

We liked this one after finding her on Myspace via the Popshow website ( The song is out on the 14th of July and it is a rather tasty slice of electro/disco house music from a girl who has a rather interesting fashion sense.

The track has been getting good reviews from DJs and judging from the clips on her myspace page, the album is going to be a cracker.

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