The Rolex Sweep. A new dance to “sweep” the globe.

It’s a bit silly like the macarena, in fact it ‘borrows’ half of its routine from the 90s dance sensation. The Rolex Sweep is a song by Wiley & Skepta and is a grime anthem which no doubt would be huge in the UK this summer. The Rolex Sweep should also be huge globally as it sits somewhat in the middle of grime and electro so should be popular in both camps. Anyway here are some more hilarious attempts at the Rolex Sweep by some rather inebriated people.

Who wants to reach 8 million TV households for only 8 quid ?

Amazing but true. UK satellite TV station Hollywood Classics Network, which broadcasts on the Open Access TV network are offering Prime Time Ads for only £8 per 30 secs AD, with no minimum amount of Ads required. They are offering this during major films and they are broadcasting to over 8 million UK homes and 57 European countries.

Not only that, they are offering businesses, charities and ministries the chance for sponsored Airtime for only £50 for 15 mins of Prime Time. We have contacted them to get more information but this sounds like a fabulous opportunity for the right kind of artist. HCN broadcast Hollywood Classics and as such should get a lot of viewers, in theory at least.

The digital TV revolution, now competing with internet video ads means one thing. The cost of TV advertising and broadcasting will be going down. It may spark a similar revolution to the digital recording revolution which slashed the costs of making music, opening a lot of opportunities for independent artists and labels. Let’s hope the quality of TV programming doesn’t suffer, but this is a tremendous opportunity for labels to have their own Youtube style channel broadcasting artist EPKs, special concerts and so on. The potential is as huge as the net but on normal telly. This could ensure artists who don’t get airplay have an opportunity to reach millions.

Hollywood Classics Network, broadcast on Sky Channel 160 (Open Access 2), from 6pm weeknights & 12 midday weekends and Sky Channel 883 (Open Access 1), broadcasting from 6am – 9am everyday. They are the UK’s only free-to-air Movie & Comedy Channel, broadcasting the finest archives in free TV, with 1000’s of Classic Movies, big Star Films, & the greatest Classic Comedies from American Networks, so they should have a lot of ‘wholesome’ family content and would suit artists like Simply Red, Lighthouse Family and even Duffy.

You can find out more from or call HCN on 01604 882 581

Mrfuturistic says: Cash Music, Innovative or not?

They are a Coalition of Artists and Stake Holders and support their artists in a number of ‘alternative ways’. This is a new in a long list of new model ideas that have taken over the music industry. Basically, the new model means music is primarily FREE to the end user. Many do go on to support artists by buying signed merchandise, sponsoring and more. The future online is FREE, but this is not a bad thing.

If music and content is distributed free to the end user, but that content is monetised at source then a lot more people will be able to listen to music ‘guilt free’ while supporting new releases. They can then pay premium dollars for physical media and of course live appearances. I wonder what would be next in the wild frontier of online music.

We7 so far has the best strategy. The ads are embedded in the audio stream and will be listened to at least once. At the moment the ads are pointing back to We7 which seems like a sensible strategy as listeners are less likely to be irritated by an advert directing them to the site from which they came in the first place.

Myhotmusic Alert – Frankmusik “In Step”.

I have always been a fan of those athletic and talented YouTube booty dancers, who show such athleticism with their dance moves. But this girl outclasses them in a big way.

Not only do we have a girl in her underwear dancing, but she is also going crazy with a hula hoop and shows amazing talent that you actually end up watching her dance for what it truly is AMAZING !

The song is great as well.

Ed Case & Oggie vs SKT “All I Wanna Do (Bassline Remix).

I put this track on my mp3 player and was bopping all round the room to it. Bassline is the latest mutation from the UK Garage scene and has already spawned a number of top 10 singles and I suspect we can prepare for a bassline onslaught this summer. While a lot of bassline songs are similar to their electro house counterpart in that they are just noise and crap, there is now a move amongst the producers and writers of this style of music to create something with a bit of a melody to it. Ed Case and Oggie have done this with their remix thanks to SKT. This is a HIT HIT HIT ! Ministry of Sound should pick this up straight away.

It also has smooth UK Garage version as well which you can enjoy from the Tube.


Gabriella Cilmi up 8 to number 10 this week.

Already hitting the top spot in her native Australia, Gabriella Cilmi’s album has now reached number 10 in the album charts. It did so despite a stuttering performance by her single “Sweet About Me” which didn’t crack the top 20 in the UK. “Lesssons To Be Learned” is a decent album and is likely to stay in the UK charts for a while. Good luck to Gabriella and here’s to a UK number one !

Myhotmusic Alert – Duffy “Warwick Avenue”.

Ok I will ignore the blatant “My Guy” rip off, but I actually found this quite refreshing. I have been spending a while looking for some good music online and I must say that the British retro ‘movement’ is producing the best music at the moment.

Duffy, is a singer with a bright future and I think that everyone should look at the UK for future pop sensations who aren’t over-tuned to death or who haven’t fallen down the i’m too credible i forgot how to write decent tunes, pitfall.

Myhotmusic Alert – Fascination

Check out this lovely song by Alphabeat. Fascination is quite good and we can’t stop playing it here in the Myhotmusic offices. The video is quite simple and doesn’t take away from the song.

They kind of remind me of 80s pop group ABC with there simplicity. Check it out and download the single from iTunes if you like it.