A blast from the past. Friends Again “State of Art”

state of art – FRIENDS AGAIN –

Friends Again were one of Scotland’s finest 80s pop groups. I can remember watching this on TV in Africa and loving it very much. Listening to the beauty of the music makes me wonder what on earth happened to production and engineering trends that tend to squash the life out of records. I wonder what on earth happened to them ? Here is the video for you to enjoy as well.

Myhotmusic Alert – Antigone “More Man Than Man”.

We liked this one after finding her on Myspace via the Popshow website (www.popshow.co.uk). The song is out on the 14th of July and it is a rather tasty slice of electro/disco house music from a girl who has a rather interesting fashion sense.

The track has been getting good reviews from DJs and judging from the clips on her myspace page, the album is going to be a cracker.