Britney Spears “Womaniser” Is it any good ?

I got to hear the much anticipated Britney Spears single “Womanizer” after reading about it from other bloggers and journos I decided to give it a good listen. To be honest it left me feeling a bit let down. It’s a minimalistic electropop dance track that sounds like it is in need of a melody. No doubt it will go down well in clubs and Britney’s fans will lap it up but when will Britney record a song that actually does her singing some justice. No doubt it will be a hit but there’s something missing as far as i’m concerned.

Watch it here before the Youtube censors take it down.

Myhotmusic Alert – Ne-Yo “Closer”.

There are a number of songs that owe a lot to Michael Jackson especially in terms of harmonies. Ne-Yo’s song “Closer” is one of those songs. It is also nice to see house music crossing over into r&b in the US. Something that has been done for many years in the UK. Ne-Yo is definitely one of the most talented young artists from America. We love this one and have been playing it non-stop.

Myhotmusic Alert – Dolly Rockers “je suis un dolly”

There are a few new girl bands popping up all over the place each trying to ascend to the Spice Girls’ throne. One band that may achieve this is Dolly Rockers with their fabulous song and video “Je Suis Un Dolly”. Mind you French people will take issue with the title as it should be “Je Suis Une Dolly” as they are all female but hey we’re not complaining. Love the video, though we wonder how they could do that legally. Enjoy the Dolly Rockers. They may be the new Spice Girls.

Raphael Saadiq “Love That Girl”

Motown tinged soul at its best from the man behind “Introducing Joss Stone”. “Love That Girl” is reminiscent of greats like Smokey Robinson. This is what Duffy, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Gabriella Cilmi et all are trying to be. This is the real thing baby !

“I Love That Girl” is taken from the forthcoming album “The Way I See It” which is released on September 16th 2008.

Stone the crows it’s Stonefoxx and they are hot hot hot !

Stonefoxx are:

Gem (RockFoxx), Stacey (PopFoxx) and Lizzy (FunkyFoxx). They look fabulous, their songs are good, though not necessarily groundbreaking & they can sing a tune. But it just sounds like you’ve heard it all before. This is what I think they need to work on. Everything else is right about them but they are a bit too “Spice Girls”. The problem with that is that “There is only one Spice Girls”.

“Hot Summer” is our favourite track here. They are building up a fanbase and are with Nut Records but are looking for a bigger record deal. We wish them well and as summer is approaching here in Melbourne, perhaps they should licence it to a label down under. It’s a cool summer pop record. for more info.

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