Myhotmusic Alert – Ne-Yo “Closer”.

There are a number of songs that owe a lot to Michael Jackson especially in terms of harmonies. Ne-Yo’s song “Closer” is one of those songs. It is also nice to see house music crossing over into r&b in the US. Something that has been done for many years in the UK. Ne-Yo is definitely one of the most talented young artists from America. We love this one and have been playing it non-stop.

Myhotmusic Alert – Dolly Rockers “je suis un dolly”

There are a few new girl bands popping up all over the place each trying to ascend to the Spice Girls’ throne. One band that may achieve this is Dolly Rockers with their fabulous song and video “Je Suis Un Dolly”. Mind you French people will take issue with the title as it should be “Je Suis Une Dolly” as they are all female but hey we’re not complaining. Love the video, though we wonder how they could do that legally. Enjoy the Dolly Rockers. They may be the new Spice Girls.