Rasmus Faber feat Clara Mendes – Demanda (Miguel Migs Remix)

Another fabulous song from the Hed Kandi compilation is this brilliant song which proves that there is no language barrier when it comes to a good tune. Demanda is performed by Rasmus Faber featuring Clara Mendes. Believe it or not Rasmus Faber is from Sweden and has a few brilliant songs on his myspace page which is located at: http://www.myspace.com/rasmusfaber.
Check his stuff out it is very good and relaxing and that’s what we need to calm down our nerves in these turbulent times.

Also check out the lovely Clara Mendes who is Brazilian but lives in Stockholm http://www.myspace.com/claramendes
She is hot, sexy and absolutely fantastic. Brazilian music has always interested me since watching Sergio Mendes on TV way back in the day and Clara Mendes is one to watch. She has a balanced diet but sometimes eats “nuddles” and smokes Marlboro. I defy anyone to listen to her stuff and not fall in love with it.

Congress – 40 Miles

Here is a juicy slice of old skool house music which has been borrowed and remixed a few times over the years including a fabulous new version by Cloudburst ft Culture Girl. One thing I really like about early 90s dance music is the catchy piano riffs. The original by Congress featuring Lucinda Sieger was released way back in 1991 and today we are so spoiled by modern production and autotune especially. Not the best vocal take but it’s still a classic.