Song of the Day Chase Coy “Lullaby”.

I joined Jango to test their capacity to promote indie bands and artists but from a user’s point of view I found it fascinating in the sense that you create a radio station based on artists you like and you can hear all kinds of good stuff. One of the tracks that grabbed me was "Lullaby" by Chase Coy. It is truly beautiful acoustic music and that’s saying a lot coming from me. Have a listen to it and let us know what you think.

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MrFuturistic says: Internet Ad spends outstrips TV. But what does this mean for content providers ?

Not exactly new by any means but a significant article last year means greater opportunities for quailty content providers. Now that the internet gives advertisers a lot more accountability and greater means of tracking ad performance, it is time to shift the style of adverts online to a model that would take advantage of this. Music is going to be a vital part of this as would music videos and short movies or webisodes.


Myhotmusic reboots from July 1


We’re happy to announce a couple of new features and a new strategy for 2010/11. July 1st is the new financial year in Australia so a perfect time to reboot this blog. We will have a song of the day feature and Mrfuturistic’s thoughts of the day, both on the front page. You can also send us your own song of the day.

Song of The Day: Pomplamoose “September”.

I must admit I never saw this coming but as soon as I heard about them I instantly loved them. Fabulous internet musicians who are actually making money. It can be done but the buzz word is "monetise" it. Pomplamoose have got it right but should be releasing their covers as singles bundled with their originals and therefore take advantage of their popularity but great start. They link straight to iTunes as well. Watch out for my thoughts for the day on this. MrFuturistic.