Katy Perry _Teenage Dream”

Ok first of let me admit I have practically avoided Katy Perry’s music due to her constant media attention for anything but the music. Her constant teasing plus her engagement to Russell Brand !!! was too much for me. But after putting all these shenanigans aside I can say she is the top female artist at the moment, forget about Lady Gaga it’s all about Katy now.


“Must Be The Music” The future of music TV ?

 It’s been dubbed as the perfect alternative to Simon Cowell’s X-Factor, it has already yielded at least 3 chart hits for its contestants and we haven’t even reached the final  yet.  The winner of the show will receive a £100,000 cash fund rather than a record contract with an emphasis on giving the acts control over their careers, and every song performed on the show is available to download from iTunes and Sky Songs 100% of the net profits of the songs and merchandise going to the musicians. Make no mistake this show is the most important music TV show at the moment as it will herald a shift in how TV talent shows will evolve. I think it is brilliant and with a few tweaks here and there could totally eclipse Cowell’s pantomime shows. Watch, rate and comment.