SuperHeavy “Miracle Worker”


SuperHeavy is a group consisting of Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman. The group are set to showcase music from multiple genres including reggae, ballads and Indian music. Judging from the single "Miracle Worker" their album is going to be amazing. "Miracle Worker" is one of those songs that refreshes the mind and after a torrid week of riots and negative press, it is now time to dance and be full of positive vibes. Amen!

Miracle Worker - Single - SuperHeavy

Jailhouse Rock starring Elvis

It was Elvis' 3rd film and was released by MGM on October 30, 1957. Elvis plays "Vince Everett," an ex-convict working in the music industry, and a character analogous to Presley's then public image. After going to jail for a bar fight he did not start, Everett meets Hunk Houghton in prison, and the two men form a bond. Houghton, a washed-up country singer, teaches Everett to play an old guitar, and to sing a few songs. Upon his release, Everett lands work at night clubs, but not singing. He meets Peggy Van Alden, a record company talent scout, who allows Everett to record a song. They bring his demo to an executive at a small record label, who then records the exact arrangement with one of his established stars. The interesting angle from our point of view is that Everett and Van Alden then start their own label to bring Everett's records to the public, and fame, riches, and a film career ensue.

The Essential Elvis Presley (Remastered) - Elvis Presley

Song Of Trees “Only Road”

This should be the Nizlopi of 2011.

Stunning animation, brilliant song and excellent vocals by singer/songwriter Kevin Osborne aka Song Of Trees.

The entire video cost Kevin just £40 to make. Not bad at all. We love this one here at Myhotmusic and believe this should

be the next Christmas number one.

Only Road - Single - Songs of Trees

DMSquared “Nigeria Go Survive Reloaded (feat Jodie).

After watching scenes from the London riots aka the Footlocker riots we thought that the yoof in England could learn a thing or two from DMSquared and his posse who live in a country where surviving each day is a genuine struggle for many. Instead of looting and burning their own neighbourhood they have remade a classic song and attempt to rally the youth to build the nation.

We have featured this song previously on Myhotmusic but it is such a good song and an example of the growing Naija Hiphop scene which should have a few crossover hits in the near future.


Rebecca Black “My Moment”

She's arguably the most famous independent artist at the moment and I know some of you are wondering why she's even considered an artist. Her new single sans Ark Music has garnered over 23 million views and climbing. We think it's lost all the appeal of "Friday" and is a bit too obvious but fair play to her.

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My Moment - Single - Rebecca Black

Ben Briand “Apricot”

Top 5 Narrative Finalist at the Vimeo Awards 2010!

Do you remember your first love? … Do you remember your first kiss? … Do you remember? …

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Written & Directed by Ben Briand

Produced by Matt Dooley, Michele Bennett, Alexis Bensa, Gaspard Chevance

Cast Ewen Leslie, Laura Gordon, Alice Zahalka, Joshua Rozzi



Yosheng Tang “Behind The Scene”

This film is a celebration of filmmaking and the people behind the scene who make it happen. Utilizing steadicam for a one long take, BTS takes you on a ride through the process of making a film.

please visit for the process of making BTS:

"Behind the Scene" is a School of Visual Arts thesis film.

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