Janet Jackson – Broken Hearts Heal

I was feeling some r&b today and went on Spotify to try and find some decent r&b tracks to listen to and was quite disappointed to say the least and just when I was about to give up on it I heard a new track from Janet Jackson’s new album “Unbreakable”. I then put it on the Spotify player in shuffle mode and this wonderful track popped up. I tell you what, no one does harmonies better than the Jacksons and Janet (alongside Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) are the best at it. Nothing more to say except play this song loud and on repeat! It is Amazing!! Kehinde. A.

Petite Meller – Barbaric

She’s back with another early 90s piano dance track. It’s not as uplifting as Baby Love so I don’t think it will reach the higher echelons of the charts but it still hits the right spots.

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

Arguably his best work ever What Do You Mean is a very melodic and bouncy tune from Justin Bieber. No surprise that it has topped the charts all over the world. Justin was recently in Australia and performed the track on last Tuesday’s X-Factor although it wasn’t his best performance as he sounded a bit out of breath in places but he still put on a decent performance. The video is pretty interesting and features a more grown up Justin.