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Kehinde A – Infectious

Kehinde A is back with a brand new single “Infectious” which is an 80s inspired synthwave track with silky smooth vocals and a very catchy tune. The record will be available on Spotify and all other leading digital stores with plans for a 7 inch vinyl version and a CD single. Click below to follow Kehinde A on Spotify.

Kehinde and Jessica “Key To Your Heart” on Spotify

“Hello Spotify lovers this Kehinde A from Kehinde & Jessica and you can stream our single “Key To Your Heart” on Spotify. Add it to your favourite playlists and enjoy this lovely song. God bless”.


NINA – Counting Stars

Counting Stars is a beautiful sounding Retrowave song by NINA.
NINA is a German Synthpop/Synthwave singer-songwriter now based in London. A classically trained singer, NINA has been described as Lana Del Rey meets Robyn.
For those of you who don’t know, Retrowave is a modern revival of 80s synth pop wonderfulness in all its glory including, bizarrely, some of its fashion. What I would say is that when you get a decent song in this genre, it sounds incredible.
Counting Stars is taken from the album Sleepwalking which you can pre-order from the link below

Phil Harding – PWL: From The Factory Floor

PWL From the Factory Floor

A must read for anyone interested in music production. In other words budding artists and producers. Stock Aitken and Waterman were the UK’s Motown and Phil Harding has written a very balanced book about the rise and fall of this fabulous production team and the PWL label. Get it now for Christmas. In this book you will learn about how the hits were made from an engineering and production angle and also some fascinating insight into some of the artists who SAW produced. Preview the book now.


Click here to purchase from Amazon

Kehinde & Jessica – Key To Your Heart

It’s been 4 years since this song was released but it still sounds as fresh as ever. Key To Your Heart is bouncy, bubbly and fun and is a quirky pop record that fuses guitars, synths and harmonies, underpinned by a two-step groove. It has elements of music spanning decades from the 1960s guitar sound (courtesy of Guitar Rig 4), 80s Oberheim synth sounds and a 1950s sounding acoustic bass.

Key To Your Heart is out now. Get your copy from iTunes.

Key to Your Heart - EP - Kehinde & Jessica

1. Radio Edit (4.05) 2. Instrumental (4.02)
3. DJKZ Remix (5.15) 4 Original Mix (3.52)

Melbourne City Future Hits Vol 1

Melbourne has been described as the music capital of Australia and with a rich tradition of independent (i.e SELF FUNDED) artists, we have to agree. In face we agree so much that we’ve decided to launch a Spotify playlist featuring some of Melbourne’s amazing artists. This playlist is as eclectic as it is electric and the quality will rival some of the Major Label products! We want you to bookmark it and play it everyday throughout the month of April and support these fabulous artists.

Aria Taylor – Forever

16 year old Aria Taylor recorded her first single “Friday Feeling” aged 14 and has been going from strength to strength ever since, with 6 songs on iTunes already. Ariaas just released a wonderful single called “Forever”. This song highlights how she has matured as a singer and a songwriter since her debut in 2014.

Forever opens with a beautiful synth/guitar riff which is followed by a rich, warm voice that grabs you instantly. It’s a bouncy pop song that will inspire you to bop around with your loved ones.

“it’s just meant to be a fun and uplifting song, and we made the film clip to have the same feel. It’s just meant to make people feel good about themselves and with their relationships with others”. Aria says.

Well it does what it says on the tin and we believe this could be the song that launches Aria onto the big stage.

Forever is out now!


Top UK Garage DJ DJEZ is just about half way through an incredible 24 hour DJ set in aid of Cancer Research UK. He has raised £19,471.96 so far and we urge all our visitors to go and support this wonderful project as well as enjoy the music

To make a donation please go to:

Janet Jackson – Broken Hearts Heal

I was feeling some r&b today and went on Spotify to try and find some decent r&b tracks to listen to and was quite disappointed to say the least and just when I was about to give up on it I heard a new track from Janet Jackson’s new album “Unbreakable”. I then put it on the Spotify player in shuffle mode and this wonderful track popped up. I tell you what, no one does harmonies better than the Jacksons and Janet (alongside Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) are the best at it. Nothing more to say except play this song loud and on repeat! It is Amazing!! Kehinde. A.