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Ali Campbell – Silhouette

UB40’s Ali Campbell has recently released a fabulous new single called Silhouette. Reggae lovers will enjoy the groovy basslines, hypnotic guitars and Ali’s excellent voice. We love this single and give it a solid 8/10. Let us know your thoughts and how you’d rate the single out of ten.

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Rachael Leahcar – Heart’s A Mess

I must admit I was a little cautious when I first heard this song. It was such a departure from Gotye’s version and I didn’t fancy it at all. But after a few listens it has grown on me and Leahcar has done such a tremendous job. Taken from the album “Romantique”, Heart’s A Mess gets a solid 8/10 from us. Could she be Australia’s Adele? Time will tell.

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Joss Stone

Really love this! Taken from Joss Stone’s fourth studio album Colour Me Free! “Could Have Been You” is just pure perfection. It’s passionate, polished and pulsating. Joss delivers a fine vocal, the violins tug at one’s heart strings and it has gone into repeat on our player.

Australia Gotye wins Record Of The Year at the grammies

Congrats to Belgian-Australian artist Gotye on winning 3 Grammies: Best Pop Duo Performance, Best Alternative Album, and Record Of The Year. What we find very interesting was the fact that the record was ignored by Australia’s commercial radio stations but kept on climbing the chart, then got picked up by Ashton Kutcher, Lily Allen and others on Twitter, got a ton of views on Youtube and was virtually unstoppable. Would have been nice if the producers at radio picked up on such an obvious hit but of course being independent, not from X-Factor, or trashy pop a la Kesha, they couldn’t see it as a hit when they could have championed it from day one. Anyway it goes to prove a hit will always find its way to the top. Congratulations Gotye from We knew it was a hit the first time we heard it.

Mel Jade – Trash And Treasure

It has a sort of 80s meets now vibe but with a pretty good chorus. Mel wants trash and treasure probably 2 very opposite gifts but it’s a pretty decent song. We’ve been following Mel Jade’s progress for a few years now and believe she is on the verge of something big. One to watch and our first tip of 2013. Wow it is February already!