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Facebook to ban bands from sharing their music?

From the 1st of October, you will not be able to share your music on Facebook. You could also have your band page deleted and banned. That’s according to an article by Loudwire published yesterday Sept 12, 2020. It goes on to say that “Facebook is taking steps to limit the ability of bands to promote videos that will “create a music listening experience for yourself or for others”. Understandably many musicians were angered by this and worried that their Facebook pages would be rendered useless. But the truth is that this is not the case. Facebook are targeting users who post unauthorised copyright content and in an interview with reknowned music magazine NME they moved quickly to clarify their intentions. The rules have also been in place for 2 years and are meant to “balance our commitment to supporting musical expression on our platforms with also ensuring we uphold our agreements with rights holders, which remains unchanged.” So relax everyone Facebook is not banning music nor are they going to delete band pages for sharing bands own music.

HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR SINGLE IN 2020 (20 DAY PLAN) by Damian keyes

Music mentor and manager Damian Keyes has developed a 20 day strategy for promoting your single. The plan is free (you just need to give your email address) and is a comprehensive day by day plan which is as exciting as it is beneficial for bands and artists. We cannot recommend this highly enough. Watch the video and download the plan and use it to create stories for your social media pages and make sure you link back to your website. Damian Keyes founded the British Institute of Modern Music, now known as the BIMM Institute, when he was just 23! He has worked with artists like Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette and Bob Dylan as a bass player and now runs a management company (DK Music Management) and other important music related businesses. For more information visit his site

If you’re an independent artist, or aspiring pop star, you have to get this book right now!!!

If you are interested in making music, you want to be a pop star and have not got the foggiest idea what to do or how to take your music to the next level, I strongly advise you take a look at this fascinating book by Russell C Brennan. It is jam packed with lots of tips and advice and I have to say that I could not put it down when I got it, resulting in a very late night and bleary eyse in the morning. Russell has been there and done it so is not a typical music biz expert pontificating at indie artists but he has been an artist (still is), ran a label, been a manager so knows what he is talking about. However, it’s his style that does it for me. This book is written in everyday, down to earth English and though it is UK centric, it is still relevant for those outside the UK. Check it out now (click the link below)