It is very important that every independent musician, songwriter, artist or producer MUST seriously consider setting up their own computer-based recording studio. Firstly, they are super affordable and there is a solution that works for virtually all budgets from dirt cheap to uber expensive. Now let me be clear here. I am talking about an in the box recording studio. Not a hybrid or ‘analogue’ based studio. If you’re interested in one of those options, then there are other websites and videos that deal with those types of studios. In our computer-based studio the computer will be doing all of the processing, effects, mixing and mastering.

You can set up your CBRS on literally any platform from an iPad, laptop, desktop or dare I even say it your iPhone. In fact check out the video below, which features The Internet’s Steve Lacy, who makes all his hits on JUST his iPhone! He uses GarageBand as his DAW. For non iPhone users, you can also use BandLab, which is the online DAW and is pretty good with a massive user base.

I have a track on Spotify called Joy which was recorded and mixed in GarageBand on my 16GB iPad 3 (2012 model). This was recorded in 2016. On the laptop side of things the 2020 MacBook Air M1 version is such a powerhouse that put many a laptop to shame with the colossal amount of plugins it could load without breaking a sweat.

You know what they say? The best computer is the one you have available to you. You can literally make radio ready music using all sorts of computers, from ancient Core2Duos to the latest and greatest 128GB Ram desktop beasts! Head over to Ebay and score yourself some bargains and get recording. Download Reaper or Cakewalk by BandLab if you’re on the PC side of things or dive into GarageBand for IOS or MacBooks upgrading to Logic Pro whenever you can. In fact Apple are about to release Logic Pro for the iPad which would be a game changer and is something eagerly anticipated by many.


Kehinde A’s music has been featured in this stylish YouTube video by Melbourne based creator Oljvka. The impressive video details a room transformation for under $300 and you can listen to some of Kehinde A’s instrumental and key releases throughout the video. We are very proud to support up and coming creators as well as provide music as part of licensing program. Please watch the video till the end and don’t forget to like and subscribe to Oljvka’s channel as well.


Out now the brand new single by Project:SundayWe’re All The Same” (feat Rade). It is a very catchy song and is guaranteed to get your feet moving and is therefore the perfect song to play during Christmas and New Years Eve parties and in fact any event. We’re All The Same was written by Bob Messenger and Kehinde A and is the 2nd single from the forthcoming Project:Sunday album. The song was recorded way back in 2014 but is now getting an official release on Vhp Records/My Hot Music Pty Ltd and has a very interesting video featuring people from all over the world spreading the very important message “Our colour, creed and customs change but underneath it all We’re All The Same“.

We urge you to listen, like and share the song on Spotify, Apple Music and any other music service that you use. Also please join the My Hot Music Newsletter for free as it’s our way of keeping you in the know and you’ll get the scoop on all our music releases, articles and music tips. We have lots of exciting things planned in the coming weeks and months.

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We have entered into a brand-new world, a world where anyone and indeed everyone is now an artist. You even get brands setting up their own artists and we have witnessed the emergence of the AI artist, many of which have amassed thousands of followers on social media. But what does that mean for YOU? How can you run your own music business? How do you make money from your music?

In this overview, I want to point out a few things for you. Firstly, it is YOUR business, and you can run it anyway you like. Secondly, now is not the time to defer to experts, to build a “team” or to have an ever-expanding entourage of yes men. Stop thinking like the majors and start to think like lean mean independent machines. I would strongly recommend you download the app, Music Inc. We have mentioned it on here before but in a nutshell, Music Inc is a game where you create your own label, sign artists and then seek to make money whilst battling the scourge of piracy. It will teach you more about the industry than any course will. Independence means you jump in at the deep end and learn as you go along.

To run your own music business, we are going to recommend you do the following. Feel free to skip that which does not apply to you.

  • Set up your music business – This could be a company, sole proprietorship or partnership (if you’re a group) Please contact a local accountant who can give you proper advice regarding this.
  • Get a job – You need some regular income from which you can invest into your business.
  • Set up a fundraiser – You can use crowdfunding, host an event or contact friends and family.
  • Get a business loan – As long as you’re sensible, don’t over borrow and are in a position to repay any loans, this could be a vital way to inject some cash into your music business without giving away any equity.
  • Set up your own studio – You need your own studio set up which could be as easy as using your existing, laptop, tablet, desktop computer or day I say it, your phone.
  • Download the Music Inc app and play play play!
  • Sign an artist – initially this should be yourself. Sign yourself as a producer/artist and you’re ready to go!

In the next article, we are going to dive deep into setting up your own recording studio, using gear that we have used ourselves, and as such, we can prove how effective they are. It is important that you own the means of production. You need to have your own recording studio and with modern computer technology that means owning a decent, but not necessarily expensive, computer. Add a few external devices such as a microphone, headphones, audio interface and MIDI controller, plus all the cabling, and you’re ready to go.

In the mean time click here for more information about the Music Inc app. See you next time!


There are so many Internet experts who are willing to teach you how to record your music, what interface to buy, how to mix, how to EQ, 5 things you’re doing wrong, how to use Facebook ads to get 2.5m streams and so on. Most of these gurus have one thing in common! They all run bloody courses. Stuff the courses, I am done with courses. One thing these experts tell me is that they are more music marketers than artists or labels and as such they have a vested interest in keeping you learning, learning and constantly learning. Death by degrees as my former Pastor used to say.

Check out Project:Sunday’s latest single “Sunshine”

Now that is all well and good but no one got time for that. What we want to do at is to show you how you can do all of the above, yourselves without signing up to any courses or forever be in our debt and why is that? Well it’s because our priority is making and releasing our music on our own label and in the spirit of punk we want you to get out there, get your laptop, start recording and then point you to the best services, in our opinion, to help you do the rest. Not only that we will always offer you an appropriate DIY alternative so you can get your hands dirty and do it yourselves. So stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter so you can be first to know about our new articles and enjoy the ride because 2023 is your year to shine!


Out now the brand new single by Project:SundaySunshine” (feat Kehinde A. It is a catchy 80s infused synth pop song with a message of hope and positivity in these dark times. Sunshine was written by Bob Messenger and Kehinde A and is the first single from an upcoming album release by Project:Sunday out in December commemorating 14 years of their writing partnership. Bob and Kehinde A met playing football in Eltham Australia and have become very good friends ever since. They also featured on a 2010 TV show My Pop Diary which was produced by Kehinde A. The momentum is building and Sunshine has garnered over 1m streams in user generated content on TikTok and Instagram. We urge you to listen, like and share the song on Spotify, Apple Music and any other music service that you use. Also please join the My Hot Music Newsletter for free as it’s our way of keeping you in the know and you’ll get the scoop on all our music releases, articles and music tips. We have lots of exciting things planned in the coming weeks and months.

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Facebook to ban bands from sharing their music?

From the 1st of October, you will not be able to share your music on Facebook. You could also have your band page deleted and banned. That’s according to an article by Loudwire published yesterday Sept 12, 2020. It goes on to say that “Facebook is taking steps to limit the ability of bands to promote videos that will “create a music listening experience for yourself or for others”. Understandably many musicians were angered by this and worried that their Facebook pages would be rendered useless. But the truth is that this is not the case. Facebook are targeting users who post unauthorised copyright content and in an interview with reknowned music magazine NME they moved quickly to clarify their intentions. The rules have also been in place for 2 years and are meant to “balance our commitment to supporting musical expression on our platforms with also ensuring we uphold our agreements with rights holders, which remains unchanged.” So relax everyone Facebook is not banning music nor are they going to delete band pages for sharing bands own music.

HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR SINGLE IN 2020 (20 DAY PLAN) by Damian keyes

Music mentor and manager Damian Keyes has developed a 20 day strategy for promoting your single. The plan is free (you just need to give your email address) and is a comprehensive day by day plan which is as exciting as it is beneficial for bands and artists. We cannot recommend this highly enough. Watch the video and download the plan and use it to create stories for your social media pages and make sure you link back to your website. Damian Keyes founded the British Institute of Modern Music, now known as the BIMM Institute, when he was just 23! He has worked with artists like Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette and Bob Dylan as a bass player and now runs a management company (DK Music Management) and other important music related businesses. For more information visit his site


Adrian Snell is an English musician who has produced over 23 albums. He has performed at St Paul’s Cathedral, recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and his career has spanned approximately 4 decades. He is one of our favourite CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) artists. He is classically trained and also a music therapist. The song “Requiem Aeternam” is from the album The Cry. It is a powerful prayer from the perspective of ‘suffering children’. The song features the Winchester Cathedral Choir and Natasha Gorlee. This is a powerful song and the choir and strings complement Adrian and Natasha in a beautiful and compelling manner. For more information please check out his website.

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