Gabriella Cilmi up 8 to number 10 this week.

Already hitting the top spot in her native Australia, Gabriella Cilmi’s album has now reached number 10 in the album charts. It did so despite a stuttering performance by her single “Sweet About Me” which didn’t crack the top 20 in the UK. “Lesssons To Be Learned” is a decent album and is likely to stay in the UK charts for a while. Good luck to Gabriella and here’s to a UK number one !

Myhotmusic Alert – Duffy “Warwick Avenue”.

Ok I will ignore the blatant “My Guy” rip off, but I actually found this quite refreshing. I have been spending a while looking for some good music online and I must say that the British retro ‘movement’ is producing the best music at the moment.

Duffy, is a singer with a bright future and I think that everyone should look at the UK for future pop sensations who aren’t over-tuned to death or who haven’t fallen down the i’m too credible i forgot how to write decent tunes, pitfall.

Myhotmusic Alert – Fascination

Check out this lovely song by Alphabeat. Fascination is quite good and we can’t stop playing it here in the Myhotmusic offices. The video is quite simple and doesn’t take away from the song.

They kind of remind me of 80s pop group ABC with there simplicity. Check it out and download the single from iTunes if you like it.

MrFuturistic Says: embrace FREE music on the internet.

Sponsored Video.

For the last few years I have been following the developments of the free music concept and have also conducted a number of tests of my own and have seen interesting results.

However, one thing I will say is that free music whether that be streaming or downloads will affect the music industry in a positive and negative manner but overall it will be positive for those who are prepared to make the switch.

One undeniable fact of the internet is that more and more people are spending more time online. In fact in Australia, for the first time, Internet video hours beat TV viewing hours and this trend will continue. Most people log onto Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites and share music, video content and other applications while online.

Right now the most important signing for labels would be an online marketing expert who knows their Google from Azoogle and is able to maximise the label’s revenue from FREE content. In fact you should NOT leave it to the Imeem’s, Youtube’s and We7’s to monetise your content.

Labels and artists must now have their own Ad sponsored solutions on top of the licensing income they derive from doing deals with 3rd parties.

Funnily enough, the rise of free downloads will open the door to higher premium physical sales.

My Favourite songs from the 80s

I have just been listening to my favourite 80s songs and I find it hard to beat Sade’s “Sweetest Taboo” or Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. These 2 songs will possibly feature in most people’s best 100 80s songs. Anyway enough of me waffling on about it. Have a listen to them now.

Check back and bookmark this page because I will be adding more songs to the playlist.

Watch the best viral videos on the net now !

Here is a fantastic new ad campaign. Walkers have made the small town of Sandwich one of the most
exciting places in Britain. How did they do it? There are lots of
clues on the website – – and Sandwich residents are
already talking about it on Twitter (search for #sandwichevent).
Rumours are circulating!

It’s only the first part so check back regularly for the rest of the clues coming in the next few weeks.

Myhotmusic has a new home.

Welcome to the brand new look Myhotmusic website. We are looking for bigger and better things to happen and we really like the new look website and template. We will continue to tip great music from the net and you can still visit the old site by clicking on the archives button (above).

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