Out now the brand new single by Project:SundaySunshine” (feat Kehinde A. It is a catchy 80s infused synth pop song with a message of hope and positivity in these dark times. Sunshine was written by Bob Messenger and Kehinde A and is the first single from an upcoming album release by Project:Sunday out in December commemorating 14 years of their writing partnership. Bob and Kehinde A met playing football in Eltham Australia and have become very good friends ever since. They also featured on a 2010 TV show My Pop Diary which was produced by Kehinde A. The momentum is building and Sunshine has garnered over 1m streams in user generated content on TikTok and Instagram. We urge you to listen, like and share the song on Spotify, Apple Music and any other music service that you use. Also please join the My Hot Music Newsletter for free as it’s our way of keeping you in the know and you’ll get the scoop on all our music releases, articles and music tips. We have lots of exciting things planned in the coming weeks and months.

Sunshine is available on all platforms including