There are so many Internet experts who are willing to teach you how to record your music, what interface to buy, how to mix, how to EQ, 5 things you’re doing wrong, how to use Facebook ads to get 2.5m streams and so on. Most of these gurus have one thing in common! They all run bloody courses. Stuff the courses, I am done with courses. One thing these experts tell me is that they are more music marketers than artists or labels and as such they have a vested interest in keeping you learning, learning and constantly learning. Death by degrees as my former Pastor used to say.

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Now that is all well and good but no one got time for that. What we want to do at is to show you how you can do all of the above, yourselves without signing up to any courses or forever be in our debt and why is that? Well it’s because our priority is making and releasing our music on our own label and in the spirit of punk we want you to get out there, get your laptop, start recording and then point you to the best services, in our opinion, to help you do the rest. Not only that we will always offer you an appropriate DIY alternative so you can get your hands dirty and do it yourselves. So stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter so you can be first to know about our new articles and enjoy the ride because 2023 is your year to shine!