Stone the crows it’s Stonefoxx and they are hot hot hot !

Stonefoxx are:

Gem (RockFoxx), Stacey (PopFoxx) and Lizzy (FunkyFoxx). They look fabulous, their songs are good, though not necessarily groundbreaking & they can sing a tune. But it just sounds like you’ve heard it all before. This is what I think they need to work on. Everything else is right about them but they are a bit too “Spice Girls”. The problem with that is that “There is only one Spice Girls”.

“Hot Summer” is our favourite track here. They are building up a fanbase and are with Nut Records but are looking for a bigger record deal. We wish them well and as summer is approaching here in Melbourne, perhaps they should licence it to a label down under. It’s a cool summer pop record. for more info.

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